Richard Catrambone

Lab Director, Professor of Psychology



  • Graphics, Visualization, and Usability (GVU) Center
  • Cognitive Science Society
  • Psychonomic Society


  • Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, University of Michigan (1988)
  • BA, Grinnell College (1982)

Research Interests

  • Creating examples to help learners form meaningful and generalizable solution procedures. I and the students in my lab have explored this issue in domains ranging from probability and physics to ballet.
  • The use of task analysis techniques for identifying what a person needs to learn in order to solve problems or carry out procedures in some domain.
  • Using information from task analyses to guide the construction of teaching and training materials including computer-based (multimedia) instructional environments.
  • Exploring technology such as animations and embodied conversational agents (ECAs) for improving interfaces and helping people learn and carry out tasks more easily.
  • Analogical Reasoning

Selected Publications

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Our lab has ongoing research projects with colleagues outside of the School of Psychology and outside of Georgia Tech. A partial list of collaborators includes:

  • Robert Atkinson (Division of Psychology in Education, Arizona State University)
  • Ann Bostrom (Evans School of Public Affairs, University of Washington)
  • Ruth Chabay (Department of Physics, North Carolina State University)
  • Carl DiSalvo (School of Literature, Communication, and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Peter Gerjets (Multimedia and Hypermedia Research Unit, Knowledge Media Research Center)
  • Donna Llewellyn (Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Blair MacIntyre (College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Katharina Scheiter (Department of Applied Cognitive Psychology and Media Psychology, University of Teubingen)
  • Michael Schatz (School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Bruce Sherwood (Department of Physics, North Carolina State University)
  • John Stasko (College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Marion Usselman (Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology)